Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy - Co-Founder/Mixologist

Sarah is a life-long veteran of the hospitality industry. She worked her way through serving, bartending, managing and finally completed her time in the hospitality industry as the Executive Director of Profitability for a five property restaurant company in Washington, D.C. She got her masters in hospitality management from The Cornell Hotel School and, even after transitioning off the floor of the restaurant, kept her mixology skills sharp by regularly exposing her friends and family to her in-home test bar.

Sarah loves using fresh fruit and herbs in her cocktails. She infuses spirits, and make her own syrups and bitters. Her favorite cocktail, aptly named the Bar Magnolia, includes an herbal infusion of Earl Grey tea, honey, and lavender.

John Murphy

John Murphy - Co-Founder/Bar Chef

John, a Tennessee native, is a classically trained chef who spent the first part of his professional career behind the lines of some of the best restaurants in New York, Washington D.C. and L.A. Though he no longer works in restaurants (he is now a partner in a non-profit) his experience and continued passion for food, beverage and hospitality is what give Bar Magnolia its commitment to high-quality ingredients and a culinary-focused menu.

John loves bourbon and to keep things simple and classic, which is why he appreciates Sarah's Bourbon Sour.