Eco Friendly Meets Delicious


Did you know Bar Magnolia is incredibly Eco friendly? ๐Ÿƒ

Here are a few ways we incorporate earth friendly options into our business (and your event.) 

1) We don't use straws. (Straws are HORRIBLE for the environment, learn why:
2) All of our cups are biodegradable/recyclable.
3) We use earth-friendly cleansers in/on our bar.
4) We use extra garnishes to make things like cordials and shrubs instead of throwing them out.
5) We support local farms by sourcing our herbs and fruit from local farmers whenever possible.
6) Our coffee is organic and fair trade, locally roasted.

Our goals in 2018 are to take this even further, with: 

1) Finding a business or organization that can use our empty liquor/wine bottles after events.
2) Offer Tossware as an upgrade option for those looking for a disposable option that looks like glassware, but is recyclable.

Now you don't have to worry about your next event harming the environment, your only concern is drinking too many delicious cocktails. ;)

Shelby Kincer