For National Bloody Mary Day, Try These Nashville-Made Bottled Mixes!

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Just in time for National Bloody Mary Day!

According to 47% of men and 40% of women “binge” drink on New Years Eve, making it the most popular drinking day of the year! It should come as no surprise than that January 1st is national Bloody Mary Day, the unofficial yet commonly accepted best remedy for the dreaded hangover. Well, if you’re like us, and unlikely to make your own Bloody Mary Mix with that crushing hangover, and aren’t really digging the thought of getting up and to a local restaurant for your “hair of the dog” Bloody Mary, then these locally made bottled mixes need to be on your holiday shopping list. It may make all the difference as to how you feel starting out the new year!

Image from Walker Feed Co’s Instagram Feed.    @walkerfeedco

Image from Walker Feed Co’s Instagram Feed. @walkerfeedco

Walker Feed Company

Walker’s Bloody Mary Mix

This Bloody Mary mix is literally what launched the Walker Feed Company, and once you try it, you’ll understand why! This all-natural, Nashville-made mix is a great option if you’re not into making your own. Boasting an all-vegetarian ingredients list, they use bourbon barrel-aged Worcestershire sauce, blackstrap molasses and Creole mustard, along with a wonderful assortment of herbs and spices.

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Image from Loveless Cafe    website   .

Image from Loveless Cafe website.

Moonshine Mixers

Mason Jar Mary Mix

Loveless Cafe is about as Nashville as it gets, and they have a Southern style Bloody Mary mix in their store that customers rave about! While they admit it’s suitable for use with gin or vodka, they claim it’s bold enough to be used with Moonshine! You know, for that morning after that needs more than just a hair of the dog, but perhaps a few hairs.

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Image from Party Fowl    website   .

Image from Party Fowl website.

Party Fowl

Nashville Hot Bloody Mary Mix

It the idea of crossing a Bloody Mary and Hot Chicken together is your idea of a perfect morning, then this is the mix for you! Bonus? They use the Walker Feed Co. Bloody Mary mix as their base! It’s basically a match made in hot heaven.

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