11 of the Best Drinks for St. Patricks Day: 

Shamrock Sour Cocktail

From one of our favorite bloggers Pizzazzerie, this Shamrock Sour is the perfect drink for your St. Patty's Day party - and look at those garnishes! 


The Irish Mule

How could we not include the Irish Mule in our St. Patricks Day roundup? 


Shamrock Juice Cocktail

Looking for a STRONG drink? Look no further than the Shamrock Juice Cocktail. 


Irish Flag

The most spirited and patriotic drink, for the Irish and the Irish for a day. 


Grasshopper Cocktail

Tastes like a chocolate mint milkshake, and it's super Insta-worthy. 


Irish Mule #2

They both look so good I had to add both. 

Green Apple Lemonade Spritzer


Green Beer

It's not a delicious cocktail, but who doesn't love green beer on this green holiday?

Low Carb Irish Margarita

If you want to celebrate without the green beer calories, here is a Low Carb Irish Margarita so you can celebrate without breaking your diet. 


Leprechauns Kiss Cocktail  

The perfect way to round out a drinking... lucky holiday, with a kiss. ;) 

Which one of these is going to be your 4 leaf clover? 

Shelby Kincer