6 Reasons Your Event Needs a Beverage Caterer

While the concept of "beverage catering" isn't new, it's still relatively unknown or misunderstood by many. If you're wondering what it is, and how it could take your event to the next level, read on. 

Beverage catering is not the same as hiring a "bartending service." A Bartending service is typically what is offered by caterers, event planners, and venues. Their prices are by the hour or by the person and they charge a la carte for most additional items, including mixers, tables, etc. Even if you purchase a full package complete with beer, wine, and cocktail service, you'll be relegated to serving "mixed drinks" (such as rum & coke, vodka tonic). If you're lucky, they'll even let you add on a "signature cocktail" using store bought mixers or easily available produce. Craft cocktails, like what you've come to expect from great full-service restaurants and bars, will likely be limited if present at all. 

That's not us.

At Bar Magnolia, we make our own mixers, from the sour mix to the elderflower syrup, and by focusing on the freshest of ingredients, top-notch hospitality, and the uniqueness inherent in each event, we go beyond just serving drinks. We share our craft. And often for less than you'd spend with a caterer.

How do we do that?

1. We serve from bars worthy of your event. Whether you opt for our vintage camper bar or our vintage bicycle bar, you're getting a fun, classy, and unique "stage" for your beverages. 

2. We work with the party hosts to create cocktails that tell THEIR story. Sure, we have recipes on hand as a place to start from, but if you want something completely unique to you and your event, we want to help you craft it. From scratch. 

3. We're mixologists, not bartenders. We study this craft like chef's study culinary. We focus on quality ingredients, seasonality, the science behind ice and dilution, how different brands of spirit bring out different qualities in the same recipe,  and we're always working to improve our craft.

4. We serve more than just booze. We make it our mission to make beverages your guests will rave about, and that doesn't stop at alcoholic beverages. We put just as much love and effort into our non-alcoholic offerings. Each of our cocktail packages even comes with a mocktail option, because we don't believe the nondrinkers should be left out of our awesomeness. Hosting a dry event? We have an entire package dedicated to "mocktails" that we serve just like our cocktail packages but without alcohol. We also have a coffee/tea bar package and a gourmet "Haute" Chocolate package. Your guests will hardly notice the missing buzz.

5. We don't mark up your alcohol. Bar Magnolia isn't licensed to sell alcohol because we don't sell food. That means we'll put together your order and help you find a vendor to source your booze for the best rate. After the event, it's yours to keep (or unopened bottles can be returned to the retailer). Since we don't mark up the drinks, our rates in many cases are comparable to a standard "bartending service."

6. You don't need to tip us. Our rates have no hidden costs, we're all-inclusive. You won't have to worry about deciding whether to put out a tip jar or shell out the tip yourself. Tips won't improve our service because we're already going to give you 100% because we're professionals and our reputation will stand for itself.

Now that you know what we're all about, reach out and find out how we can elevate the beverage experience at your next event!

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