11 of the Best Drinks for St. Patricks Day: 

Shamrock Sour Cocktail

From one of our favorite bloggers Pizzazzerie, this Shamrock Sour is the perfect drink for your St. Patty's Day party - and look at those garnishes! 


The Irish Mule

How could we not include the Irish Mule in our St. Patricks Day roundup? 


Shamrock Juice Cocktail

Looking for a STRONG drink? Look no further than the Shamrock Juice Cocktail. 


Irish Flag

The most spirited and patriotic drink, for the Irish and the Irish for a day. 


Grasshopper Cocktail

Tastes like a chocolate mint milkshake, and it's super Insta-worthy. 


Irish Mule #2

They both look so good I had to add both. 

Green Apple Lemonade Spritzer


Green Beer

It's not a delicious cocktail, but who doesn't love green beer on this green holiday?

Low Carb Irish Margarita

If you want to celebrate without the green beer calories, here is a Low Carb Irish Margarita so you can celebrate without breaking your diet. 


Leprechauns Kiss Cocktail  

The perfect way to round out a drinking... lucky holiday, with a kiss. ;) 

Which one of these is going to be your 4 leaf clover? 

5 Best Champagne Cocktails to Celebrate this Valentine’s Day

I think we can all agree that a lot of people tend to have mixed feelings when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Whether you love to celebrate it or hate to even talk about it, whether you are single or madly in love, it is safe to say that one thing we can all use are some great cocktails. Here at Bar Magnolia, we will take any excuse to celebrate with a well crafted cocktail! Here are five of our favorite champagne cocktails to help you celebrate. 


For your Galentine’s Celebration

Grab your girlfriends, pop the bubbly and don’t forget the bags of chocolate you know you bought at Target. This Raspberry Bellini is perfect for a girls night.

Pour 2 ounces of raspberry puree (or other fruit puree should you prefer that) and slowly top it off with4 ounces Champagne. Add a few raspberries for garnish. 


For the Purist 

You can never go wrong with this OG champagne cocktail, The Champagne Cocktail.

Place a sugar cube at the bottom of a champagne flute, and add 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters so that it saturates the sugar cube. Add one ounce of brandy, fill the rest of the flute with champagne and garnish with an orange peel or if you are feeling really fancy, a maraschino cherry. 


For the Newly Engaged Bride

This well known cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as a newly engaged bride-to-be!

Pour one ounce of peach schnapps and one ounce of grenadine into a champagne flute. Top with champagne and enjoy. Want to elevate the cocktail just a bit? Try adding  1 1/2 ounces St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and a few pomegranate seeds for a more sophisticated look. 


For the Hopeless Romantic

This Sorbet & Champagne cocktail is just what you need to make a romantic toast over a candle lit dinner.

Put 1 teaspoon of sorbet (raspberry, peach, or whatever you like) at the bottom of the flute. Pour the champagne over the sorbet and stir, letting the sorbet dissolve into the champagne. Don’t forget to cheers! 


The Not-So-Into-Champagne, Champagne Cocktail

Pour 1 1/2 ounces strawberry vodka, 3/4 ounce pear nectar, 1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice and 1/2 ounce basil simple syrup into a wine glass filled with ice. Stir well. Top with champagne and garnish with a basil leaf, chopped strawberries or any other fruit that you like.

Whatever your celebration style is, Cheers! 


Looking to work with the most talented mixologists for your wedding or event? 

Committed to bringing top quality beverages to events, our bartenders and baristas are experienced professionals with a true passion for their craft. We couple our expertise with your vision and work with you to create the perfect beverage experience for your event. 

From coffee to cocktails, or a sophisticated mobile bar with endless options, Bar Magnolia is the perfect choice. 

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The Perfect Drink to Pair with Turkey

Gobble, gobble? 

With Thanksgiving this week, the need for a drink is becoming more apparent. 

Why did you offer to do the turkey this year again? 

Here are the perfect drinks to pair with your turkey dinner, perfect for you and your guests.

*Click on your favorite drink photo to get the recipe.* 

Cranberry Mimosa 

No brunch is complete without this deliciously refreshing beverage.


Don’t throw away fruit scraps like juiced citrus and the cores of apples and pears; instead, use them to make this aromatic infused bourbon. 



Mixologist Ryan Fitzgerald felt inspired to create this spicy fall cocktail after eating apples with peanut butter—a combination he loves but that wouldn't quite work in a drink. His solution was to mix almond syrup (available at most coffee shops) with apple juice and fiery apple brandy.

The perfect, most delicious Instagrammable beverage for Thanksgiving. 



Instead of wine, this juicy sangria is made with hard cider spiked with lemon juice and apple brandy.


Don't love to eat cranberries? Skip relish or jellied and head straight for a Cranberry Cinnamon Cocktail. 

What is your favorite holiday drink? 

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! 


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Cheers! To Delicious Holiday Drinks!

Cheers to Holiday Punches.png

Can you hear the sleigh bells? It is already time to start planning for the holidays!  With holiday plans and parties, comes the stress of having great food, amazing entertainment, and most importantly, delicious drinks! This year, Bar Magnolia wants to take the stress away and make your holidays a little more merry with our custom Holiday Beverages! Elevate your holiday experience with ease by pre-ordering your beverages and checking that off your to do list! 

What are we offering? Here are some of the tasty mixes you can have at your party!


Take your tastebuds to trip to Venezuela with our tasty take on Ponche Crema. This delicious alternative to eggnog is made up of two types of milk, eggs, lemon peel, vanilla and aged rum. This is sure to be a party favorite!

Apple Thyme Punch

This is the perfect addition to any party! This refreshing apple thyme punch contains unfiltered apple cider, lime juice, our homemade thyme simple syrup, dark rum, and club soda. It's also garnished with fresh apple slices and thyme. 

Sparkling Cranberry Punch

Nothing says *holiday season* quite like cranberries! This punch contains cranberry, lime, and orange juices, sparkling cider, and high-proof vodka. Garnished with orange slices and macerated cherries, this punch is sure to go super fast! 

Salted Caramel Apple Cider

This cider is perfect for the holidays, with a sweet and salty combo made to match any taste buds! It contains unfiltered apple cider, vodka, salted Carmel, and club soda. 

Christmas Sangria

The most delicious thing we brought home from Barcelona was this delicious Christmas Sangria! Our special mix of red wine, cinnamon, sugar, cranberries, and orange liqueur will make a this fantastic cocktail one to remember, and you'll be bringing it back every year! 

Spiced Pear and Ginger Punch

This is a perfect drink for the people who love a light and effervescent drink! With cinnamon-honey syrup, lemon juice, pear vodka, ginger liqueur, dry sparkling wine, and club soda this is great drink for a nice refreshing and bubbly flavor!


Want some delicious drinks at your holiday party? Get yours HERE! 



Top 5 Halloween Bar Accessories

In the last post we shared our top picks for Halloween drinks to spook your guests at your next party! 

But without the perfect accessories, your drink simply won't be Instagrammable. ;) 



What spooky drinks are you mixing up for Halloween this year? 


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Boo! Spooky Halloween Drinks we are Loving

With Halloween right around the corner, we rounded up some frightfully delicious drinks that will be a hit at any event you may have; or just spice up your trick-or-treating experience. 

Here are some of our favorites: 


The Sleepy Hollow Cocktail | The Jewels of NY

     Black Goblin | Creative-Culinary   *we love the coffee mix here! 


Black Goblin | Creative-Culinary
*we love the coffee mix here! 

  The Witch's Heart  | The Flavor Bender    

The Witch's Heart | The Flavor Bender 


 What spooky brews are you crafting up for this Halloween season? 

What spooky brews are you crafting up for this Halloween season? 

What's Better Than a Full Bar?

What's Better Than a Full Bar?.png

It seems the perception in the event bar industry is that every well-funded event seeking to serve alcoholic beverages should aim to be an "Open Bar" event. On the one hand I can see why this is the case, being that an open bar is more likely to have something each guest would like to enjoy, but on the other hand I rarely, if ever, see an open bar done well and in a way that people walk away saying "Wow, that bar was great!" After over a decade in the service industry, I have a solid theory as to why.

Open bars provide guests with too many choices. 

Many studies have been done on humans and our "happy place" when it comes to choices. What we know is that too many options overwhelm people and lead to lower satisfaction once they do make a choice. People are most comfortable and satisfied when they can start with a fairly limited number of high-quality options, and go from there.

The other reason open bars tend to be a party fail is that because there are so many options, the bar can't properly prep or anticipate all the infinite beverage options, so it tends to do none of them well.

Inherently we, as full bar consumers, have come to understand the limitations of open bars and most of us have identified that one thing you know they'll have the ingredients for and that you'll like. Mine, for example, is a G&T (gin and tonic).

Full bars generally won't have a blender or make muddled drinks. They usually won't have more than basic mixers (of which everything will be store bought and low in quality) and the beverages that they are best suited to make are going to be anything served straight (martini) or served with a soda (rum & coke, vodka soda, etc). 


My suggestion? Provide people with variety, limit people's options, and focus on high quality and excellent execution. Here are a few ways this would be executed:

Bubbly Bar

Bubbly Bar Bar Magnolia

We put this bubbly bar together for a calligraphy workshop by White Ink Calligraphy and The Nashville Bride Guide. We paired sparkling wine with options like rose-infused vodka and elderflower liqueur, rosemary simple syrup and grapefruit juice, and raspberry lemon verbena simple syrup. (photo by Hanna Helaine Photography)

Worried a bubbly bar won't provide enough options for your guests? Pair it with a...

Whiskey Bar

Whiskey Bar Bar Magnolia

Not just for men, a whiskey bar is a sophisticated and fun way to introduce your guests to whiskeys and bourbons they may have never tried before! Japanese whiskey, a good southern bourbon, Scotch with a splash of water. Bar Magnolia can help make a few well-selected bottles become a bar they'll remember. (photo from pinterest.com)

Mojito Bar

Mojito Bar Bar Magnolia

There is no limit to the options that one can make muddling mint with fruit. Let us build you a menu exploring the refreshing and variety of the mojito, or let us go Mexican and do a Paloma bar!  (photo from spiritcompany.com)

Tiki Bar 

Tiki Bar Bar Magnolia

Don't underestimate the amazingness of the Tiki cocktail. They are SO much more than the overly sweet and coconutty concoction you may be thinking of! There is an entire tiki movement out filled with the best mixologists in the world that are dedicated to creating world-class tiki cocktail recipes and we'd love to grace your guests with them! (photo from liquor.com)

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Twisting Up Southern Classics

Some drinks hold a place in Southern history stronger than any battle, but when your favorite classic drink needs a little something extra here are a few of our favorite ideas! 

From a Mississippi Punch, to a namesake cocktail, here are southern classics revamped! 



Want to see more of how we are twisting up these old-fashioned beverages? Head to: http://www.thevenueal.com/entertaining.html

Thanks so much for reading friends!